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George Fernandez is an NYC-based performer originally from Kearny, NJ (aka Soccer town USA) where instead of winning NJ state soccer championships, he was on the football team that would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Once he found out IT techs made bank and appeared to just hang around, he decided to transform himself from a Wolf of Wall Street-wannabe to a cyber geek!

George found the love of his life Gail, got married and started a family. He began studying improv at UCB where his first teacher was the great Bobby Moynihan who gave George the advice “just keep going until something great happens".  George was on the Magnet house improv team “Horses” performing every Wednesday night on the Magnet Theater show “Megawatt”.

George had an awakening when he had the privilege of seeing Mike Myers perform live. You could see just how much fun he was having creating characters and bringing down the house. It lit a fire under him and George realized he needed to do everything he could to become a great entertainer. He began performing all throughout the city with his improv duo “Genetic Freaks”.  At this time, he also began performing standup comedy which led him to, at one point, being ranked 11th best roast comic at Comedy Fight Club.

As a performer, George can bring vulnerability to a smart, dry-humored pizza-loving cyber unit techie working on high level stuff, or he can find the comedy mining the truth of a stoner / comic book nerd / porn shop owner / cheesy failed-magician who is either really smart and underachieving or just stoned. 

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